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Doing our part


You are part of an initiative we have implemented, along with our shipping partners , to reduce the carbon footprint of each calendar we produce and ship while at the same time reducing common causes of damage while in transit.

We continue to strive to do our part for the environment by lowering the amount of energy needed to produce and transport our products, while at the same time solving the shipping and warehousing shortcomings of the current industry models.

In our experience, most damage during shipping comes from well-intentioned delivery personnel folding the package in order to fit into a post office or mailbox.  Previous methods of calendar production utilized a rigid cardboard stiffener in the hope that it would prevent transit damage.  Of course, the postal personnel would bend the calendar to fit the box and permanently crease the calendar in the process.  No number of warnings or labels seemed to matter.  Our solution is to manufacture and send our calendars with a heavier grade of paper, but without the cardboard stiffener.  We believe this will allow the flexibility needed to prevent damage in transit AND reduces the overall weight, cost and carbon footprint of the product.

Once your calendar arrives, if you would kindly let us know your thoughts, including if the calendar arrived as you expected it would.

Of course, if for any reason the calendar is damaged or you are unhappy, we will gladly send another at no cost.

Doing our part,


Team Mega