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Sanna Sander: Sweden's Canine Photography Virtuoso

From the serene landscapes of Sweden emerges a luminary in the world of dog photography: Sanna Sander. Her journey, fueled by a lifelong fascination with dogs, has led her to become one of the most distinguished photographers in the realm of canine imagery.
As a child, Sander's enthusiasm for dogs was insatiable. She would persuade her elder sister to accompany her to the library, where she would be found engrossed in the dog book section. The images, showcasing the plethora of dog breeds from around the globe, captivated her young imagination.

Fast forward to today, and Sanna has transformed that childhood passion into an internationally recognized profession. Her own vast collection of dog books not only speaks to her fervor but also to her accomplishment. Notably, some of these books proudly feature her very own photographs. Her standout piece, "Exploring the Tibetan Mastiff - A Love Letter in Photographs", stands as a testament to her expertise and deep love for the breed.

It's not just in Sweden that Sanna's work is acknowledged. From the far reaches of Japan and China to the bustling hubs of Europe and the USA, her dog photography resonates globally, bringing joy and awe to countless enthusiasts. Most recently Sanna was awarded the 2023 International Pet Photographer of the year and the 2023 Landscape and Portrait Dog Photographer of the year.

But for Sanna, her work is much more than just capturing images; it's about immersion. She shares her abode with a beloved crew of Tibetan Mastiffs, the breed she professes has truly owned her heart. Every click of her camera is not just a photo taken; it's a moment lived, a story told, and a passion rekindled.

We areĀ fortunate enough to have Sanna as part of Team MEGA and to have her photographs grace our calendars, it's evident: every image is more than just a picture; it's a piece of Sanna's heart, a reflection of her journey, and a tribute to her number one passion.