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Pam Marks: A Snapshot of Excellence

Pam Marks is an iconic figure in the world of animal photography. Since embarking on her journey in dog photography in 1995, she has painted a vivid canvas of the animal world, capturing its essence and spirit like few others.Pam Marks and pet

Her collaborations are noteworthy. Working alongside Matt Margolis for PBS, she has created imagery that resonates deeply with animal lovers. Marks took her expertise to new heights when she set up her private studios in 2007, which continue to be a haven for capturing animal majesty.

Her calendar photography, beginning in 1997, has marked the passage of time with images that are both timeless and evocative. Between 2000 and 2014, readers of magazines such as 'Dog Fancy', 'Cat Fancy', and 'Dog World' were treated to her poignant captures, making her a household name in pet photography.

Pam has also lent her talents to the literary world. Her illustrations between 1995 and 2016 have graced the pages of notable books, including "Take 2 Training Solutions for Rescued Dogs" by Joel Silverman.

Furthermore, her catalog photography has added style and panache to brands, notably OC Choppers Licensed Dog Clothing and Chilly Buddies.

Pam Marks, with her undeniable passion and unwavering dedication, remains a luminary in the world of photography, always ready to frame the next enchanting moment.

We are thrilled to have Pam as part of Team MEGA!