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How to Effortlessly Groom Your Dog at Home

As a dog owner, grooming your dog should be a priority. Grooming actually promotes good health. It helps keep your pooch clean and ultimately helps to prevent infections.

Just like you would look and smell fresh most of the time when you’re appearing in public, so should your dog look and smell good all the time.

Grooming can be done by professional dog groomers but it's fun and a wonderful experience when you do it yourself at home. It can be made less stressful and thanks to what’s shared in this blog, you’d love to keep your dog well-groomed.

Grooming Tools

Basic grooming in the home includes bathing and brushing for most dog owners. However, there are additional things that you can do beyond just bathing and brushing. And there are items that you would need in order to make grooming in the home possible. You would need:

  • Shampoo for bathing
  • Comb or brush for brushing
  • Booster bath to make bathing stress-free
  • Scissors/Clippers to cut hair
  • Paw and Nose butter

These items would be very helpful and make the grooming process super easy if you have them.

If you don't already possess most of these grooming items, you can go here and purchase what you need. Everything you see on that page has been approved by vets and it’s safe for your dog’s use.

Washing Your Dog

To most dog owners, grooming simply means washing or bathing their dog. Though this isn’t the only activity when grooming your dog in the home, it’s very important.

Bathing your furry friend can sometimes be stressful because some dogs just don’t like it and might even throw tantrums when they realize it’s bath time. Also, the idea of having to clean up every time you bath your dog makes some dog owners dread this much-needed activity.

There are numerous advantages of bathing your dog which makes this grooming process worth it. Bathing cleans your dog thoroughly and gets rid of any dirt and odor. It soothes your pooch’s skin and promotes a softer coat.

Most dog owners have been amazed by how this simple act of grooming has reduced shedding. However, bathing your dog should be done with a dog shampoo that contains highly beneficial ingredients for your dog.

Do not use just any shampoo to bathe your dog. Use vet-recommended shampoos like an Anti-Itch Oatmeal Shampoo. When washing your dog, make sure water doesn’t enter its ears.

Washing your dog in your bathtub isn’t a bad idea but the fact that you have to go through a strenuous cleaning process afterward to get all the dog fur from the clogged drains and bathroom tiles is the reason you should avoid sharing your bathroom with your dog.

For this reason, many dog owners prefer to get their dog its own bathtub. And mostly a booster bath is a perfect choice because it makes bathing your dog stress-free.

Never forget to check the temperature of the water to be used to bath your dog. If the water is too hot for you then it would also be too hot for your dog. Use warm water. And unless the weather is extremely hot, do not pour cold water on your pooch.

Remember to completely wash the shampoo out of your dog’s coat and allow your furry friend to dry before continuing with any other step (like brushing) in the grooming process.

Brushing Your Dog

Your dog needs to look well-groomed and brushing his hair is one of the sure ways to achieve this. Use a comb depending on the size and type of hair (whether long or short) of your dog to brush his fur. Do not forcefully brush your dog’s hair as doing so may irritate your furry friend and cause him to retaliate or boycott the process.

Use gentle strokes to brush his hair and to get rid of dead hair and free any entangled hair. Using pet grooming gloves can get the job done easily.

Some dog breeds have the tendency to shed heavily whiles brushing, especially when they have been bathed before brushing. Make sure they’re completely dry before you start brushing after they’ve been bathed. However, when fairly-light shedding happens after bathing, as a dog owner, do not panic because it’s normal.

Cutting Your Dog’s Fur

Always cut your dog’s fur dry. With the help of scissors or professional clippers, you can cut your furry friend’s hair nicely. If your dog has matted hair, always use clippers instead of scissors to cut his hair.

When cutting your dog’s hair make sure you pay attention to these areas:

  • Around the eyes where hair could obscure vision
  • Around the anus where poop could be trapped and cause infection
  • Around and at the tip of the tail
  • Around the ears where dirt could lead to infection in the ear
  • Where hair usually tangles on your dog’s body
  • Around the lips where food usually gets trapped when eating

When trimming your dog’s hair at home, pay attention to the areas listed above mainly to prevent infection. And also be extra careful so that you don’t hurt your dog in the process.

If your dog doesn’t like trimming, you can use treats to calm him down. Using treats would tune your dog’s mindset to see trimming as a rewarding activity. And that would always make him calm during the process.

You can use this user-friendly dog hair trimming brush to uniformly cut your dog’s hair at home.

Trimming Nails

Overgrown nails could hurt your furry friend especially when he feels like scratching itself. Regular nail trimming would prevent that from happening.

Do not cut the nails too close to the skin. Doing that could accidentally make you cut the skin and hurt your dog.

Regular trimming would help prevent dirt and other substances that could eventually cause an infection.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Trimming

Never point scissors or clippers at your dog. To most dogs, this may mean that you’d want to attack or hurt them and this may cause them to react by being defensive or violent all of a sudden.

Be extra careful when cutting hair around your pooch’s eye. You definitely wouldn’t want to accidentally poke your dog in the eye. If you’re not sure you can cut the hair around the eyes without hurting your dog, then you should leave that for a professional trimmer or a vet.

Paw Care

Your dog’s paws are very important and need to be groomed well. Unlike frequent bathing, you can and have to always wash your dog’s paws when they get dirty.

Easily wash your dog’s paws anytime and anywhere with a portable dog paw wash that can be purchased from here. Also, use oatmeal natural paw butter to soothe your dog’s cracked and damaged paws. Paw butter also protects the paws from infections.

Nose/Snout Care

The nose shouldn’t be ignored when grooming your dog. Sometimes your furry friend’s nose gets extremely dry, crusty and cracked. Though it might not be harmful to your dog but it’s unpleasant. It’s advisable to use a dog nose butter to soothe your dog’s nose within days.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming does a lot of good to your dog and saves every dog owner from a lot of stress. These are a few of what most dog owners have reported about the benefits of grooming:

  1. It helps prevent infections that in some cases, would make your dog end up battling for his life.
  2. If grooming is done well, and frequently, it helps save dog owners money which would have been used to buy medicine and other health products if your dog was sick or infected
  3. It takes care of heavy shedding 
  4. Maintains a healthy coat and skin
  5. Ensures early detection of infections which could otherwise lead to something worse


Grooming is a good health practice that every dog owner should make a priority. Doing it yourself at home can be made effortless with the use of the right tools. And also help with early detection of most of the infections that dogs are prone to.