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Rottweiler - Breed Information

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Rottweilers can be described as smart, devoted and highly protective canines. These qualities make them popular as household pets and trusty companions. Before you decide to get one though, you would want to learn as much as you can about them first.


Rotties belong to a healthy and robust class of working dogs that are happiest when given a job to do. Their impressive endurance and protective impulses make them an excellent choice for a guard dog.

With regards to their appearance, Rotties have a somewhat distinctive black short coat with marking on their face and underneath the body that comes in various shades of red.

Rottweilers grow to an average height of 22 to 17 inches and can weigh up to 130 pounds. Males tend to be larger than females, and with proper care, these dogs can live for up to 12 years and sometimes longer.

Height averages in between 22 and 17 inches and weight varieties are 85 to 130 pounds, with females weighing less than males. The average life expectancy is 8 to 12 years, though some have lived longer.


Rotties have a long and rich history as they believed to have originated from ancient Rome. Their ancestors were fought alongside great armies in their conquest although they primarily served as sentries and herding dogs to safeguard livestock and supplies.

It was not until the year 700 that people started calling these dogs Rottweilers in homage to a Roman settlement called "Rote Wil" (Red Tiles) where most of the breed's development took place.

The dogs were famous for their working abilities until the mid-1800s when livestock driving was outlawed. Since then, interest in the breed declined to the point that they nearly went extinct. Fortunately, the breed gained back favor as a police canine in the early 1900s which helped bolster their numbers.

In 1931, the American Kennel Club added the Rottweiler to their registry. As of 2018, the AKC ranks the Rottweiler as the 8th most popular dog breed in America (out of 194).

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Rotties have a reputation for being loyal and protective of their owners. Most of them are also smart and relatively easy to train. These traits make them some of the calmest canine breeds around. However, they are also rather brave.

It is essential to understand that their guardian instincts go back to their breed's pedigree and owners would want to make sure that this is something that you would want out of a family pet. These instincts are so strong in Rottweilers that it has reached somewhat of legendary status. It is believed that these dogs safeguard their owners so fiercely that they appear to feel no pain nor fear of death.

Due to their strong guarding impulses, training and socializing a Rottie must start as early as possible to prevent the overly aggressive behavior. If correctly mingled, these dogs can be excellent companions for kids and other pets you may have in the house. However, keep in mind that most Rottweilers will not take kindly to strangers so owners must be mindful that they make the necessary precautions.

Potential Health Problems

Regarding health, owners need to be wary of specific problems that have been found to be reasonably common to Rottweilers. This includes:

  • Obesity
  • Eyelid problem
  • Hip dysplasia

Care and Grooming

Rotties thrives on exercise which is hardly surprising considering that they were bred as working class dogs. If kept as household pets, owners will need to walk them every day to keep them happy and stimulate their mind and body. These dogs tend to be docile indoors but often able to cope as long as their exercise requirements are satisfied.

Due to their short and smooth coat, Rotties are not too demanding when it comes to grooming. Owners need only brush and bathe them occasionally. However, other aspects of dog grooming are still essential which includes cleaning their teeth, ears, and nails.

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