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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Breed Information

Merle Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, adoringly known as an "Aussie," is a brilliant, exceedingly passionate and affectionate canine companion that likes to keep busy all the time. These dogs require plenty of exercises and suitable for people that lead an active lifestyle.


Aussies are 20 -23 inches tall at the shoulders for males and 18 - 21 inches tall at the shoulders for females. Their weight is between 50 - 65 pounds for the males and 40 - 55 pounds for the females. Australian Shepherds have an attractive coat with dark brown, yellow, blue and green eyes.

The shades of color are what makes them stand out from other dog breeds. These colors that make them have a unique outer coat are Merle, Red Merle, Red tricolor, Black, Black tricolor, Blue Merle and Red.


Aussies belong to the herding class of working dogs as that was what they were originally bred for. Hence they tend to herd animals like ducks, squirrels, other dogs, and even people. These dogs are also highly protective and prefer to be near their owners at all times.

Australian Shepherds likewise have a reputation as all-around farm dogs and were often left to guard children while their parents worked the fields. Hence Aussies are great to have around kids although they do tend to occasionally nip at the heels but only to steer kids to safety.

In 1991, the American Kennel Club recognized the Australian Shepherd and 2 years after, it was entered into the herding group.

Four Australian Shepherd Puppies


Australian Shepherds are quite protective of the family and home, and for that reason are cautious around other individuals. They require mental stimulation and exercise to channel their energy and attention positively.  If you are looking to raise one as a family pet, then be prepared to have an active household pet that is filled with exuberance and thrives on attention. Aussies tend to be good-natured, eager to please and extraordinarily devoted but owners must have space and commitment to raising them well.

If you describe yourself as an active individual looking for an energetic and protective dog breed to suit your lifestyle, then you can never go wrong with the Australian Shepherd. These dogs need work and training to raise them well, but the same can be said about any dog breed. Nevertheless, most people find that the effort is well worth it.

Potential Health Problems

The Australian Shepherd is a healthy and hardy dog breed. Nevertheless, specific health issues appear more frequently in Aussies which include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Certain forms of cancer

Many of the problems mentioned above are genetic and might be reduced byways of proper breeding and purchasing your Aussie from a reputable dog breeder.

Care and Grooming

Aussies shed twice a year and during this time, spring and fall, it is recommended you bath them and brush them often. Cut their nails and brush their teeth frequently to keep them in good health.

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