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Dog Diapers, Should Your Dog Use Them?

by mega calendars
There is always a first time in the life of every dog parent that you would wonder if your pooch needs to use a functional dog product. And one of ...

Can Your Dog Eat the Fruits and Vegetables You Eat?

by mega calendars
Most dog owners have a habit of giving their dogs exactly what they eat, including fruits and vegetables. Though the intention is to be nice to the...

9 Natural Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

by mega calendars
Just as humans, dogs also have allergies. They can develop itchy and uncomfortable skin for various reasons. Some remedies can be done at home with...

How to Make Your Dog Enjoy Bath Time

by mega calendars
Bathing your dog is really important and a good practice which promotes good health. However, overdoing it can cause heavy shedding which you defin...

How to Effortlessly Groom Your Dog at Home

by mega calendars
As a dog owner, grooming your dog should be a priority. Grooming actually promotes good health. It helps keep your pooch clean and ultimately helps...


by mega calendars
What is Shedding? Shedding is a natural process of every dog’s body to get rid of old or damaged hair. It’s normal for most dogs to shed but when i...

Are You a 24 Percenter?

by mega calendars
Are you one of the twenty four percent of pet parents that give their pet a nice warm meal each day? According to AKC, nearly one quarter (24%) of ...

Coronavirus from Dogs to Humans and other Pets

by mega calendars
With the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) announcement that the Novel Coronavirus, officially referred to as COVID 19, is now a ...

5 Tips on How to Keep your Older Dog Healthy and Happy

by mega calendars
Every pet owner wishes to know how they can prevent canine health problems and guarantee their pet dog lives a long, happy, healthy life. If you ar...