Clearing Out

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 1/14/2016
Hi Everyone!

We all have one.  That one place where everything you don't know what to do with gets stashed.  Get it off the desk or off the counter but put it somewhere out of sight.  Item after item builds until you have a junk drawer or a junk closet that has gotten woefully unmanageable and seems to have solidified itself as a fixture in your household.

I am not embarrassed to have to tell you that we have one.  Maybe two.  I confess to having a "thing" for number two pencils and they are the chief residents of our junk drawer.  Can't bear to throw one away although we probably have 50 or 60. 

The thing about junk drawers is that although they are full of lots of stuff that is seemingly unrelated, there is a category for the items in the drawer - uncategorized.  In ours, you will find the aforementioned pencils, extra rubber bands, keys that we know we need but don't remember what they are for, my husband's pizza coupon collection, a feather pen, a hand fan, hand sanitizer and some sticky notes.  There are other one-off items that clutter the space as well.  Little tools for eyeglasses that might get lost at the bottom of a tool box.  An extra telephone cord.  RFID-blocking pouches for credit cards.

Since the main culprits of the messy drawer are my pencils, I've decided to donate them to a local school that needs school supplies.  Same with the errant crayons, sticky notes and miscellaneous markers that inhabit the space.  These items are just more "stuff" that I will have to find a place for and are items that will just use up time that is so very precious.  My mantra for this year is to streamline by donating things that could be useful to someone else.   Coupons we won't use?  I will give them to someone in line at the grocery store.  Every "junk" item we have will solve a problem for somebody.  Except for the keys.  I just know they will open something we are forgetting.

And I will reign in my number two pencil addiction.  I promise.

Have a great week!


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