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How to Make Your Dog Enjoy Bath Time

Bathing your dog is really important and a good practice which promotes good health. However, overdoing it can cause heavy shedding which you definitely wouldn’t like to cope with.

Notwithstanding, you still would have to bath your furry friend to make him smell fresh and look good. However, your good intentions are sometimes rejected by your pooch because to him, bathing is not fun. And also it’s the one activity which leaves you exhausted afterward because your dog doesn’t like it and keeps resisting throughout the bath time.

If this is you then no need to worry anymore. Because in this blog, you would learn how to make your dog enjoy bath times. And you would be amazed at how short a time it takes to achieve this.

Start with An Exercise

Take your dog outside and get him to stretch his muscles. You can take your dog for either short or long walks just to get him warm. This way, he would want to get wet after the walk. Most dog owners have confirmed that taking their dogs for walks before bathing has helped them to bath their dogs easily. So give it a try and it might save you from the stress you go through every bath time.

Adjust Water Temperature

You need to always make the bathing water comfortable for your dog. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. It needs to be warm. The best way to check if your dog wouldn’t be burnt by the water is to check if the water temperature is okay for you to personally bath with it. There’s a rule, that if the water’s temperature is good for and you can use it to bath comfortably then it would also be okay for your dog.

Use Non-slip Mat in Bathtub

Bathtubs are always slippery for your furry friend. If your dog can’t maintain balance in the tub then it would always resist whenever it’s time for a bath. It would be extremely helpful for your dog if you put a non-skid mat in the bathtub before putting your dog in for a bath.

Make it Playful

Let your dog have fun while it’s being bathed. Bring squeaky toys to the bathtub so that it would keep your dog busy and distracted during bathing. If your dog has a favorite toy that you can put in the water with him, do that. You would be glad you did because he would be focused on his toy throughout the bath time.

Use Ear Plugs

It’s uncomfortable for dogs when water gets into their ears. So it’s advisable to cover their ear canals with cotton or earplugs in order to prevent water from clogging their ears.

Employ the Services of An Assistant

Since you’re mostly focused on washing your dog’s fur, you can’t pay attention to him. You simply want to be as fast as possible and be done with bathing so that your pooch can get free. Making someone keep your dog company whiles you thoroughly wash him would be a smart thing to do in order to make bathing him less stressful for you and more tolerable for him.

Use Treats

Dogs love treats so using treats to get them to do anything works almost all the time. Bring treats to the tub and whiles washing him, intermittently stop and give him treats. The best thing to do is to make your help give your dog the treats while you focus on bathing him. Also, when you’re done bathing and drying him, reward him with treats for being a good dog during bath time.


It is always best to get your furry friend familiar to the bathtub when it’s a puppy. That way, you wouldn’t have to wrestle with him every bath time when it grows. And if you have an adult dog that doesn’t like bathing, use any or a combination of the steps shared above and your dog wouldn’t dread bath time anymore. Get your dog its own multipurpose bathtub from our store.