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Grooming Tips To Make Your Dog Enjoy This Summer

Summer is here and everyone or most people are getting in the mood to swim, go camping and take part in several outdoor events. And your dog is no exception. You need to get your pooch ready for the hot weather, and luckily, how to do that is explained here. All you need to do is to follow and do it right for your pup, dog and furry friend to equally enjoy the summer just as you would.

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dog is very important but not a daily bath because washing your pup daily isn’t necessary and not recommended. Summer is a time to make your dog have fun playing outside and you definitely have to prepare yourself about your dog coming home dirty most of the time. This is the time you’ll be tempted to wash your dog every time it’s dirty but don’t. Just follow the normal routine and bathing schedule in order to maintain the integrity of your dog’s coat. Get a dog booster bath in your backyard or somewhere in your house just for washing your dog whenever you need to this summer.

Brushing Your Dog

If you’ve not been brushing your dog because of the cold weather no need to keep this up in this hot weather. Your dog needs to also feel comfortable. There’s so much benefit in brushing your dog which includes reduced shedding to having a fine and uniform coat. Of course, you must know what best works with your dog when it comes to brushing. And it's better to use the right tools like a simple dog grooming glove to make your dog feel relaxed while brushing it. 

Clean Cutting Dog’s Hair

It’s summer and the weather is warm and hot. Just as you will wear light clothes to feel comfortable so should your dog feel comfortable. So it is important to trim your dog’s coat. This shouldn’t be done heavily. Cutting too close to your dog's skin isn’t healthy because of the scorching summer sun that might burn the skin. Just a surface and simple trim will be enough for most dogs. Certain dog breeds don’t need any fur trimming since naturally, they shed off the thick undercoat that keeps them warm in winter. Also for dog breeds that don’t have a double layer coats, cutting won’t be necessary as doing so will directly expose their skin to the sun rays which is not good for their general health. Deshedding brush is a great tool to get the job done yourself at home. However, to make sure it is done right, you can invest in a professional groomer that knows how each dog breed’s hair should be cut to make your dog stay cool this summer while not exposing it to harmful effects of the hot weather.

Clipping Dog’s Nail

Nail trimming is something that most dog owners overlook but it’s very important and one of the best health practices for your dog. This needs to be done with the right tools. And in order not to hurt your pooch when you cut too close to the tender part within the nail, use styptic powder. 

Paw Care

One of the delicate parts of a dog that’s prone to infection is the paw. Because this is the part of a dog’s leg that touches the ground, sharp objects can cut it and once there is an open wound, it can be infected. This is why paw care is very important. Dog paw care products like paw nectar and oatmeal paw butter can be used to care for dry and cracked paws, and also to heal damaged dog paws. Washing your dog’s paws should be done every time it gets home dirty from playing outside especially when it takes a walk or run in a muddy area. You can effortlessly clean your dog's paw from any debris with a dog paw cleaner.

Ear Care

Because your dog will be getting out more this summer, you need to check and clean its ear often, at least once a week. This will prevent infection and keep your dog from even losing its hearing. Particularly if you take your dog for swimming this summer then make it a habit to keep water from entering the ear canal or get the ears well cleaned after every swimming session to prevent any possible infection. When water enters your dog’s ears, it can contain debris or even bacteria so wiping your dogs ears its a good practice to prevent any infection. Even water that enters its ears when bathing can pose a health risk so make sure that doesn’t happen.  

Summer is that time where you make good and wonderful memories with your furry friend, pooch, pup or dog. And grooming your dog to enjoy most of this warm season will be a smart decision to make if you really love your dog. If doing the grooming yourself is a bit of a challenge then you can use the services of the professional dog groomer and everything will be neatly and nicely done.