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Dog Diapers, Should Your Dog Use Them?

There is always a first time in the life of every dog parent that you would wonder if your pooch needs to use a functional dog product. And one of such dog products is a dog diaper.

For reasons and situations beyond your control, there might be a need for a dog diaper. For instance, your pooch might find itself unable to move freely as it used to due injury or when it’s sick. When this happens your lovely furry friend can’t easily go outside to poop or urinate. And in such times your furry friend may need a dog diaper.

There are two types of dog diapers:

Below are a few reasons why your dog may need to use a diaper.

Females in Heat

When female dogs are in heat, they are prone to constant licking. Using a dog diaper during this time would prevent the constant licking. However, the diaper cannot stop male dogs and they would intelligently find their way around it.

Loss of Certain Bodily Functions by Senior Dogs

If you have a senior dog, you need to consider getting a dog diaper in the house. When dogs grow old, their bodies may not function as they used to during their active days. Some senior dogs can’t hold their urine and once they feel the urge to do so, they have no control and make a mess of themselves while wetting and staining your sparkling home floors and sofas.

The same goes for when they need to poop. During such times, they seem to forget the potty training they were given as puppies. According to AKC, when dogs reach the age of 11 and above, they are likely to suffer from canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), a disease similar to Alzheimer's in humans.

Potty Training Puppies

It’s stressful when you always have to clean your sofa, blanket or that favorite plush toy you got recently off dog urine. And it’s no fun restricting your cute puppy or keeping it in a cage just because it has a bad habit of messing your expensive couch with that premium upholstery.

What your dog need is potty training. Until it has mastered potty training your pooch needs to use a dog diaper if you really want to keep your couch and that white blanket you have clean.

What If My Dog Has A Sensitive Skin?

When buying diapers check to make sure that the type of dog diaper you’re buying doesn’t cause skin irritation to dogs. Both the reusable diaper (made of cloth) and disposable diapers from our store have been designed to be safe for the most sensitive dog skins.


Not every dog would need to use a dog diaper but it’s good to keep one in the home so that when there’s a need to use it, it would be within arm’s reach. Get a reusable dog diaper from our store. When you place an order, the package comes with 3 reusable dog diapers that are environmentally friendly. It soaks your dog’s urine so that it doesn’t drip. The velcro closures that it’s designed with makes it fit well and prevents your dog from easily removing it.

If you have a busy life and can’t wash the diaper every time your dog uses it, then you can go in for a disposable diaper. They’re breathable and convenient for your dog’s use. Buy a pack of disposable dog diapers from our store. Each pack contains 32 diapers and there are different sizes you can buy from depending on the age and size of your dog.