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8 Signs That Your Dog Might Have A Serious Health Problem

Do you suspect that your dog might be seriously ill but have no idea what to look out for? Dogs can be very good at hiding their illness which can lead to severe complications that could have been easily prevented. Hence it is up to responsible owners to learn as much as they can about monitoring their dog's health and know precisely when your pet needs to see a veterinarian.

Experience of ancestors in the wild informs them that an ill animal is particularly susceptible, and this ancient impulse still sticks around today. There are cautioning indications you can search for, and here we note typical dog health indication that should tell you if there is a good reason to be concerned.


1. Refusal to eat

It is not unusual for dogs not to eat following a stressful change such as moving to a new environment or when traveling. However, if the problem persists for more than a day or two, then the change in eating habits can be a problem. Possibilities can include nausea, kidney, liver or heart disease or an obstruction in the stomach or intestinal tracts. It could likewise merely be due to the weather although that should not last for more than a day.

Of course, some canine breeds can be pickier than others and can go a few days without eating. One such dog that exhibits such behavior is the Tibetan Mastiff.


2. Lethargy

Extreme sleeping, laziness or a refusal to move as much can be an indication of a disease or condition. Some possibilities are heartworms, nausea or urinary-related illness.


3. Trouble Urinating

Issues producing urine are indications of urinary system disease or blockage. If the problem persists for more than one day, get to the vet. Straining or extreme urination can also be indications of a tumor.


4. Extreme Weight-loss

Quick or extreme weight-loss can be an indication of diabetes, liver illness, loss of smell, gastrointestinal disorders, and other dangerous health conditions.


5. Problem Breathing

If your canine has difficulty breathing, it's not a sign to ignore. Such symptoms can be due to a wide range of severe and potentially fatal breathing disorders such as bronchitis, kennel cough, asthma, lung injury, and even cardiac arrest.


6. Hopping

This could be an indication of a current injury; something stuck in the paw like a splinter or something more severe such as degenerative joint illness, numerous other illness, and cancer. In older pet dogs it can be a sign of arthritis or hip dysplasia.

7. Blood Produced with a Cough or Vomit

Likewise called hematemesis, vomiting blood can be an indication of bowel illness, ulcers, esophagus problems, inability to clot blood brought on by another condition, infections, head injury, heartworm or liver failure.

If your dog is hacking up blood, possibilities include lung illness, tuberculosis or blood from the stomach being inhaled from throwing up. These are all serious indications and ought to not be ignored.

8. Seizures

Seizures can occur in canines of all ages and are pretty scary. Reasons for seizures can differ with age. Puppies can have seizures as a reaction to a viral or bacterial infection. Adolescent and adult dogs might have a seizure due to a brain tumor, liver illness and other potentially fatal diseases. You ought to go over any seizures with your vet as quickly as possible to get a prognosis.

A few of these warning signs can wait a day, while others require immediate attention. Even if your pet dog does not show any of these indications, however, seems "off" for more than a day, pay close attention for additional symptoms or head directly to the veterinarian for a checkup.