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5 Things You Need When Traveling With Your Dog

It’s fun to go on road trips with your dog and create wonderful memories that you’ll look back on in the future and be glad that you took your furry friend on fun-filled road trips if not all. These gadgets and items described here will make traveling with your dog comfortable and stress-free.

Pet Car Seat Cover

Pet Car Seat Cover - Black Color

Most dog owners leave their dogs in the house simply because they don’t want to their dog’s fur sticking on the upholstery of their car. It’s tedious and nobody likes cleaning off dog fur and other unwanted substances off their upholstery every time they take a ride with their dog in the car. With this pet car seat cover, you can effortlessly keep your car’s interior clean and free from mud, saliva, and fur and you never have to stress over cleaning after a wonderful road trip with your furry friend.

LED Glow Leash

Dog Leash Glowing With Blue LED light

A dog leash is a necessity for every dog owner especially when you love to take your dog on walks and make it stretch its muscles. This glowing LED dog leash is unique and useful to keep if you love to walk your dog at night. When you go on a road trip with your dog in an RV, you can walk your dog in the campsite at night and with the glow on this leash, people and even vehicles will be notified of you and your dog's presence. This keeps you and your dog safe when walking in the dark in the dark. Get this dog wear to keep as a dog owner. 

Dog Paw Cleaner

Dog Paw Cleaner

Keeping the dog’s paws clean is something most dog owners are concerned about especially if it’s got anything to do with their car’s upholstery. Or if you’ve decorated your RV, you definitely don’t want your dog leaving muddy footprints on your RV’s floor after a playful time outside. With just a little water (you can add a drop of liquid soap), this portable gadget gets your dog’s paws clean faster than taking a sip of coffee. You can even have this handy in your home and effortlessly keep your floors clean from dirty dog footprints. Get this here.

Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl

Foldable Pet Bowl

Thinking of getting just the right bowl for your dog’s use when you travel with it? This foldable bowl is a perfect fit if you are always on the move with your dog. It’s easy to clean and very sizeable enough to hold water, and any dog food. It’s definitely the one thing that doesn’t take up space. Like a piece of paper, it can fit anywhere in your traveling bag. Don’t go on your next road trip without one of this collapsible travel pet bowl.

Faux Donut Cuddler

Dog Cuddler Bed

Experiencing a fun vacation at your campsite in an RV is fun especially when you have your lovely dog with you. You can’t always keep your dog outside at night or when it’s raining outside during camping. That exact moment is when this faux donut cuddler bed comes in handy for your dog. You just have to find a perfect spot for this in your RV for your dog to cuddle in it and keep warm on cold nights. Find this on our store and send it on your next road trip to make your dog comfortable when it sleeps.