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5 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Pets

Dogs are wonderful animals that have been used as pets for quite a long time and that’s why in most homes you find a dog either lazily laying on the couch or leaving their footprints everywhere in the house. There’s a reason why they are referred to as man’s best friend and keeping one of these furry friends in your home might even make you take fewer trips to see a doctor. Several of the beneficial reasons why you’d want to keep a dog as a pet are explained below.

Dogs Are Always Happy To See You

There are barely moody days for dogs so they always want to be with their human owners. When you leave your dog in the house and go to work or travel on a vacation, your dog misses you so much that they are always waiting for your return. So when you come home and open the door, they happily jump at you. Even if they are not at the front door, they will come running when they hear your voice or sense your presence. Sometimes you don’t even have to go far, just take a walk to the grocery shop down your street and they’ll paw at you as soon as you return home.

Dogs are attention seekers so when they are left alone they start longing for your presence. With a dog at home, you know that there’s nothing like a lonely home or a dull moment in the house. So when the day doesn’t really go as you wanted, you definitely know your evening in the house is going to be fun because your dog is going to meet you with a warm and lovely greeting when you get home.

They are family

If you’ve ever had a dog then you know that your furry friend was more of a family member than just a pet. And if you’ve never had a dog you’ll know why they become family when you prepare yourself with the help of a dog guide in order to keep one in your home. Just as you tend to feel comfortable and secured to have your spouse, sibling, parents or children around, that’s the same way you feel when your dog is around you. You’ll find yourself treating your dog more like a human than just a pet when you live with it and grow fond of your furry friend. When you get gifts like clothing and beds for your dog just like you would for any loved one, your dog tends to reciprocate that love by being loyal to you till it takes its final breath. This is why some people give a part of their inheritance to their dogs.

Best Emotional Support Animals

We are humans and there are times that we become moody or just want to be left alone due to some sad event that happened to us or to someone we loved. Dogs are really smart and when they feel like you are not your usual self, they tend to provide you the comfort you need by lying by your side or wanting to play ‘throw-and-catch’, according to TherapyPet. Whatever you do with your dog when you are in a good mood, these smart loyal friends would do everything they can to get you engaged in that activity.

They Act as Stress-relieving Agents

Do you mostly get home at the end of the day stressed? Get a dog and you’ll realize that you’ll always be relieved of your stress whenever you get home. According to Psychology Today, interactions with dogs that make good therapy dogs (these may include dog breeds like German shepherds or Golden Labradors) can help release useful chemicals that reduce cortisol (the chemical responsible for stress).

Woman lying down with dog

Promote Regular Exercise for a Healthier Life

Getting enough exercise is very beneficial to the overall well being of each individual but sometimes we don’t get enough of it. This may genuinely be because of the nature of your work or the schedule of your day. There are certain dog breeds that regularly need to be walked or taken on a run. So keeping such dog breeds will make you burn some calories when you take your dog for runs and exercise often to keep you fit. Find a perfect collar and leash for your dog's outdoor exercise on our store.

You can never go wrong by keeping a dog in your home. All you need to do in order to enjoy your stay with your dog and have a stress-free experience is to get a guide about the particular dog you intend having as a pet. When you get yourself prepared before getting a dog then you’ll surely experience everything explained above.