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Doberman - Breed Information Dobermans can be described as one of the most popular guard dogs in the world. These canines are energetic and highly...


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Dachshund - Breed Information It’s just great to be able to cuddle your dog in your arms as if it was still a puppy even when its a fully grown ad...


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Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Breed Information There are times when having a cute furry friend is one of the best things that can happen to you in life....

Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier - Breed Information Are you interested in getting fun, smart little dogs for a pet that enjoys being around the family? If so, the...

Bernese Mountain Dog

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Bernese Mountain Dog - Breed Information Are you dog lover that loves to give attention, care and love to your furry dog? Then you and the active ...


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Beagle - Breed Information Although they were initially bred as fierce hunting dogs, Beagles are generally well-mannered and one of the friendlies...

Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd - Breed Information The Australian Shepherd, adoringly known as an "Aussie," is a brilliant, exceedingly passionate and affect...


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Akita  - Breed Information Are you interested in getting a dog that has a commanding and built presence such that nobody dares messes with you ...

American Staffordshire Terrier

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Are you looking to get one of the most courageous and muscular dog breeds for a pet? If so, then you cannot go wrong with the American Staffordshire Terrier. One look at the latter and you will know that they are a