Backing Up

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 5/28/2015
Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful May. Today's post is about backing up, and no, not as in putting your car in reverse to get down the driveway. This is about keeping all your important information in more than one place.

Remembrance Day

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 5/25/2015
Hi Friends, Today we had the great privilege to be able to participate in the Memorial Day parade in our town. There were vets, parents and families of vets, current enlistees and their families as well. Their sacrifice has enabled all of us to live in a great country. It really seems that we should be honoring our heroes and our heritage daily, not just a couple of times a year.

Watch Out

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 5/18/2015
Dear Friends, The big news of late is the Apple Watch which is debuting this week.The lines at the stores are unreal given that the item is not yet in stock. Like other products from this company, they don't produce anything until they have orders in house. Sure saves on inventory costs but not so good if you are a consumer and want your toy right away.

Write it Down

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 5/13/2015
Hi Friends, Do you ever have trouble falling asleep because there is so much going on in your head? We all tend to be juggling so much with work, kids, home, chores and activities it is hard to keep everything straight. Many times it seems as if there is a party going on in my head that I can't relax enough to settle into sleep mode.

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