Here They Come

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/30/2014
Hi Everyone, So we've barely gotten through the first third of the year and we are all thinking about 2015 already....calendars that is. I've taken a peak at some of the new titles and quite honestly, it's eye candy for those of us who deal with images all the time. We even have a few new publishers that are adding a wider variety of titles to our inventory.

Run for the Roses

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/28/2014
Hi Everyone, If I haven't mentioned this before, I'm crazy about horses of any kind. I admit to watching the Super Bowl in anticipation of the Budweiser Clydesdales' ad. (Speaking of which, this year's with Passenger's "Let Her Go" soundtrack is one of my all time favorite commercials.)

Love the Earth

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/23/2014
Dear Friends, Yesterday was Earth Day and I can't think of a better month of the year to love our planet than April. It gives us so many wonderful gifts with every tree and flower, every bird and animal waking up from winter's slumber to enjoy ever warmer days.

What's in a Name

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/21/2014
Hi Friends, Do you ever wonder where names of months come from? Now that this month is two-thirds over, I thought I'd check around and see why this month has the name it does.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/16/2014
Hello Everyone! If you are like us, you finished your taxes just in time to get them in the mail yesterday. I can't tell you how helpful my plan-it calendar was this year when it came to preparing our taxes. It has a huge pocket where I placed receipts and bills for deductible items such as property taxes and charitable deductions. When it came time to assemble all our tax info for our accountant, everything was exactly where I knew it would be. Small tidbits of information like savings account interest that I usually have to dig out of a box somewhere was easily accessible. When it comes to taxes, it really pays to be organized.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/13/2014
Hello Friends, Well, Bubba Watson won his second Masters' at Augusta National today. Known for being a bit unorthodox as far as technique goes, many commentators remarked that he might just be the future of golf. Golf is one of those sports where you just can't get too much practice. Very few people master it, yet many just can't get enough of it. That one good shot is enough to bring you back to the links time and time again waiting for that perfect round.

Bargains Galore

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/9/2014
Hi Everyone! Have you noticed our Spring Sale that is going on right now? Our 2014 calendars have been discounted 60% for a limited time giving you the chance to stock up on some pretty awesome deals.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/7/2014
Hi Everyone! While everyone in our town is getting ready to leave town for Spring Break and Easter, we are going to be staying home and minding our pocketbook. The damage that winter storms did on our home is consuming our travel budget and then some. No big deal; sometimes you just have to change plans and take care of what needs to be taken care of.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 4/3/2014
Hi Friends,

Collector friends of mine are in hot pursuit of old albums from the 60s and 70s featuring the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and, of course, Elvis.  Although the days of the vinyl 33 1/3 RPM records are long gone, there are still legions of fans that can't get enough of music and memorabilia from that era.  Even fictional Harvey Specter, from Suits, is a vinyl collector. 

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