Take a Day Off

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/18/2015
Hi Friends,

One of the things we are all tempted to do during the holiday season is to over schedule ourselves and our family.  Although it may not seem as if there is enough time to do everything on your to-do lists, rest assured that when the big day arrives, everything will be done.  Our suggestion to you this year is to take a day off.  What does this mean actually? 

Heroes Past and Present

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/7/2015
Hi Everyone,

Seventy four years ago the United States entered World War II with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.  There are fewer and fewer people that are alive today that remember that day - either those that were in the military or civilians.

Taking Notes

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/4/2015
Hi Friends,

Are you a visual learner?  I am.  Things, dates, reminders are much easier for me to remember when I write them down.  Not enter them into my PDA, but when I physically write them down. 

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