Post-Holiday Wishes

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/29/2013
Dear Friends, There is nothing like the end of a too-busy week to get me thinking about quieter times. While the rest of the house is in a post-football nap and food-coma, my thoughts are drifting to Spring. Spring seems all that much closer now that Christmas is over. Even...

Silent Night

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/25/2013
My dear friends, It is truly a Silent Night. The snow is falling every so softly as the sun has disappeared below the horizon. There is no traffic to speak of on the streets outside. Tucker and the puppy are taking a nap and we have finished cleaning up after a whirlwind morning and afternoon.

Countdown to Christmas

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/23/2013
Hello Everyone, The countdown has begun. Just two days left before Christmas. I've really stopped worrying about not getting everything done that I need to. Everything always manages to get done and Christmas is always a happy day in our house.

Recycle Your Christmas Cards

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/19/2013
Dear Friends, So many of my friends and family are doing this, I thought I'd share this money-saving, great idea with you. We all get scores of beautiful Christmas cards each year. If you are like us, you save them for a while and then they get put in the recycle bin. So instead of recycling them once, get another use out of them.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/16/2013
Hello Friends, If you're like us, you are receiving handfuls of mail everyday with holiday cards and greetings. Many of ours have notes about the weddings, births and goings-on of our family and friends during 2013. This is the time of year that I take note of the important occasions in the lives that have touched our family this year.


Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/12/2013
Dear Friends, Snow has arrived here in the Midwest with temperatures that we don't typically see until January. Brrrrr! To avoid getting cabin fever a little early this year, a little local skiing might be in order. It's certainly been cold enough for the resorts to make snow and with the inches we received on Sunday, there should be a decent base on the hills close by.

Food Fun

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/10/2013
Hi Friends, Our house is busy with holiday preparations. While Tucker is still in school, I am catching up on my baking. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do everything. If I can just do one batch of cookies each morning this week, I think I will be in good shape.

Utterly Fashionable

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/5/2013
Hello Friends, Last weekend we had some downtime between football games so we had a chance to watch Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. What a great movie and one we never get tired of watching. One of the reasons we like movies of that vintage is the clothing design. Hepburn worked with Hubert de Givenchy most of her career and her wardrobe was one of the most attractive in all of Hollywood.

Day Brightener

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/2/2013
Hi Friends, The gray days of winter arrived this weekend. I really didn't notice that they were creeping up on me during the busy Thanksgiving Day weekend. I am not looking forward to the next few weeks because the days just get shorter and shorter while they stay gray and dreary. Even a little snow would help brighten up the landscape a bit.

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