Thanksiving Wishes

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 11/26/2015
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick post in between basting and baking to let you know of a little trick I've found to keep the day running smoothly.

When I write out my Thanksgiving menu, I also assign a time to each and every step with a little leeway built into the times.  So if the turkey goes in at noon, I write that down.  Then in chronological order, I put down the time on the clock that the vegetables go in the oven, the time I should be whipping the potatoes and so on.  Time I start; time to finish.  This way, I not only make sure that I have time to do everything, but it also helps me not forget either a dish or to leave enough time to prepare each dish.

Having a time schedule really does make the day go smoother and everything comes out of the oven on time and is still hot when I put it on the table.  Have a great day everyone!


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