Take a Day Off

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 12/18/2015
Hi Friends,

One of the things we are all tempted to do during the holiday season is to over schedule ourselves and our family.  Although it may not seem as if there is enough time to do everything on your to-do lists, rest assured that when the big day arrives, everything will be done.  Our suggestion to you this year is to take a day off.  What does this mean actually? 

If your calendar looks like there is simply no room to add another activity, or chore or errand, then you have too much on your plate to enjoy the holiday season.  Let's face it:  we all look forward to the season and as it gets closer, we dread it because there is just too much to do and we don't see a "reward" for ourselves at the end of it.  With Christmas just one week away, the pressure builds and builds until the only relief that is in sight is after the 25th, and then the season is over.

So try this tactic this year.  Schedule a day off.  That's right.  Pick one day during the next 7 and schedule nothing.  Spend the day with your kids making a snowman, or cutting out paper snowflakes, or reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' aloud.  Listen to carols and fill your home with laughter and merriment.  But don't shop, don't organize, don't decorate or anything that would take your concentration away from enjoying the things that make this holiday a special time of year.  Live in the moment and absorb the sights and sounds and smells.  You will enjoy the next week ever so much more knowing you have a day to appreciate your surroundings and your blessings.

Have a great week everyone!


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