Storage Wars

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 11/14/2015
Hi Friends,

This morning I pulled out all the boxes where I've stored all our holiday decorations.  In the past, I have organized them by room, by function and a dozen other ways and I still struggle each year to find the exact item that I want.

I have been searching all day for a new solution and I think I have found the answer - color.  If I put all the red items in one container, all the green in another and so on, I will always know which container holds the item I am looking for.  There is no ambiguity with color, it is either red or it is not.  Since I usually choose a theme for a room (woodland, all white, all sparkles or whatever), this should make  things go much more smoothly when I want to find additional items to complete the space I'm working on.  This method can be employed for any decor or any objects that you have enough quantity that there is more than one place that you might look for the object. 

So as I pull things out this holiday season, I will be paying attention to the things that I want to keep (this is a good time to do some much-needed selective pruning) and how many like-colored items I have.  I will then be able to calculate how many bins I will need for red, for green, and so on.  And, if I'm lucky, we have enough see-through bins so that I know exactly which bin has the red items and which are full of sparkly pink next year!

Have a great week!


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