Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 8/18/2014
Hello Everyone, There's a certain romance about a wilderness cabin that you can't duplicate anywhere else. If the workaday world gets you down, there is nothing quite like escaping to the middle of nowhere where the views just happen to be breathtaking and are as unspoiled as Mother Nature intended them to be. We are leaving shortly for our summer vacation to a cabin in an unnamed location. It is a chance for us to get together as a small family and reconnect which is so hard at home with work, appointments, activities and daily chores all taking a chunk of our time and energy. It is a chance to become engrossed in a great novel, to finish needlework, to play as if we were children in the lake without worrying about how it will "look". It's a chance to be who we are without being who we are expected to be. The days are lived by a clock. The nights aren't dictated by what's on TV or a game. Just the three of us enjoying each other's company. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Enjoy your week! Rebekka

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