Light Fantastic

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 11/20/2015
Hi Everyone!

Have you ever found a tangled mess when you opened up your holiday lights from the previous year?  That was the norm around here until an old friend told us about a simple way to keep your lights organized.

I'm sure you have seen the elaborate mechanisms companies are selling to wind lights around a wheel-like apparatus.  These are like the structures that you see for garden hoses, except smaller and made of lighter-weight plastic.  They work well but I think they take up too much precious storage space...and they can be pricey.  Our friend uses catalogs (yes! and we get plenty of them this time of year).  Just take a catalog and roll it up lengthwise.  Wind your light string around the rolled-up catalog and tuck the end inside the roll when you have finished.  Not only does it keep the string of lights tangle- and knot-free, but it also keeps the wires from pulling at the sockets which might cause half the string to not light up.  This roll takes up very little space in your storage bins and is, importantly, a free solution to a vexing problem we had for years!

Try it this year and see if it doesn't help keep your frustration level down in the coming years!

Have a great week!


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