Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 8/4/2014
Hello Everyone, When I was young, my best friend's Dad collected wine and had quite a cellar in their basement. When we would eat together, I marveled at how much he knew about wines, the regions where they were grown, what vineyards and which side of the vineyard a certain vintage was from. He was one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever known when it came to wine...erudite when it came to all things wine. These memories came back to me in a flood when I noticed that we are now carrying Wine for Dummies 
mini box calendars. For the rest of us whose wine knowledge does not extend past white or red, this could make a delightful desk calendar if you wanted to learn more about wines and didn't have much time during your day to devote to the task. I love how these page-a-day calendars give you enough information - but not too much - at one time. Just enough to digest a fact or piece of trivia without information overload. If he were still alive, I'm sure my friend's Dad could have contributed to these pages. But it is interesting to note that the interest in wines has only grown through the years. Might have to learn a little more about it myself. Enjoy your week! Rebekka

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