Carpe Diem

Posted by Rebekka Quinn on 8/27/2014
Hello Everyone, Have you ever noticed that when your day starts out great, it usually stays that way? And if it begins with a frown or something goes wrong, it is usually downhill from there? People say you can control how your day goes with your attitude, and I am one who is starting to believe in that adage. It is easy to wake up grumpy, after all, a good night's sleep cannot be overestimated and a bad night's sleep, well, really does affect the next day. But I've discovered if I wake up with a great, energetic attitude and smile on my face, it influences how the morning goes, which influences the afternoon and so on. So my new "thing" is that when I get up, I find something positive to start my day with whether a funny story or cartoon, or an uplifting horoscope. It is hard to believe something as insignificant and this might seem can have such a monumental impact on your day. But it really does. And my family, our dog and anyone I come in contact with feeds off the positive vibes and their day is better for it, too. Carpe diem and enjoy your week! Rebekka

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